Women Crush Wednesday: Jaclyn Filancia

Meet Jaclyn Filancia​. There may be ladies in a room and then there walks in a "Lady." This weeks "Women Crush" is that lady. She emulates grace, compassion, love and kindness.

Just for the fun of it, we loved her Instagram post and reposted here her tips for being a "Lady." 

Stay classy • Think before you speak • Be humble • Do not RSVP to drama • A little mystery never hurt anyone • Stay loyal • Shy away from gossip • Hold your head high, but never your nose • Say 'Please' and 'Thank You' • Stay well groomed • Modesty is not overrated • There's a fine line between being honest and being rude • Have an attitude of gratitude • Be courteous • Be kind • Love with all your heart • Count your blessings, not your blemishes • Be brave • Be bold • Be strong • Smile • Work hard • Lift others up • Be intelligent, but not a know-it-all • Never stop learning • Be yourself

Tell KML about yourself and your heart for women?

Well, to be honest.. I’ve not always had such great experiences in my encounters with women over the years. Through that, I have discovered that women can truly be a wonderful, unique, blessing and priceless gift, or cause a lot of pain, destruction and heartache. I feel very strongly that the difference between the two is Identity. After a life-changing encounter with Holy Spirit several years ago, I began the journey of discovering my own true identity, and in turn it has become a passion of mine to see others come into theirs as well.

When you find your true identity, and you know WHO and WHOSE you are.. it affects EVERYTHING!!!! Identity (or lack thereof).. WILL affect every single one of us and all those you come into contact with. It will affect what you wear, your relationships, how you carry yourself, what you say, your attitude, security, motives, how you treat others, how you parent, your belief systems, how you love, how you pray and prophesy, relate to God, how you work and minister---- how you think, respond and act!

[To hear more, you can listen to one of my sessions on the TRC podcast titled ‘Identity’ from July 2017 or read my testimony on my Facebook page]

Joe and Jaclyn Filancia are the Lead Pastors at The River Church AG, as well as Co-Directors and founders of ‘The River’ Master’s Commission. Jaclyn is also the Worship Pastor at TRC and is co-laboring with Christ to see teams of worshipers arise! As of 2018, they will be celebrating 19 years of marriage and have been actively involved in full-time ministry since 1996.

Joe and Jaclyn met while interning at Juneau Christian Center in Alaska. During this time, they also attended a Discipleship Training School and served in various ministries of the church. While it was evident that God was calling each of them into the five-fold, it became apparent that He had also placed them together for a specific reason – to minister as a team. After dating for three years, they were married and took a position as youth pastor’s in MT, and from there went on to be worship leaders, assisted in 2 church plants, and eventually went on to pioneer Searchlight in 2005. In the fall of 2011, Searchlight successfully merged with Falls Christian Assembly, thus renaming the two fellowships The River Church.

Throughout the years, they have each worked to support the ministry, as needed, by taking on various outside jobs. Jaclyn has worked in office management, administration, the tourism industry, sales and customer service, waitressing, photography, modeling and has a degree in interior design.

Discipleship has always been the heartbeat of their ministry. They are passionate about showing God’s Kingdom with love and power and seeking after His presence as they equip this generation to rise up into their identity and calling in Christ!

Why is it important for every woman to feel valued and worthy of love?

Because you ARE! Remember that gift I was mentioning earlier? I feel there has been such a full- scale attack against the amazing, God-given ‘gift’ that women truly are, and to try and distract or make us believe that perhaps even the ‘packaging’ of said gift is the most important or that we’ve been too damaged, torn, rejected, used or devalued to even make a difference or be worth anything. I believe the enemy is afraid of our voice and all that we bring to the table, like no one else is able to do. Women have the ability to love deeper, reach farther, bring about wisdom, perspective, sensitivity, safety, friendship, understanding, creativity, lasting fruit and change unlike, but as a compliment to, our male counterparts. We have a VERY important role to play in our loving God, loving people and making disciples mission!

How do you cultivate a sense of worthiness and value in your own life?

By co-laboring with the King of Kings and creator of my heart. I bring my best (excellence vs. perfectionism) and trust that He will pick up the rest wherever I fall short. I’ve learned that not much works or lasts when only done in my own strength. Trusting and pursuing Him, consistently reminding myself of the Father’s heart for me and others. I first have to BE, before I can DO, and I cannot give away what I do not have. Pulling out the gold. Staying thankful. Resting in His love. Declaring, believing, moving forward with His plans despite challenges and setbacks.. not giving up. Seeking, worshipping, encouraging, listening and loving. I stay grounded in His word and in His presence. My strongest desire and drive remains for me to first be ALL that He has created me to be, and then do ALL that He has intended for me to do while there is yet still time.

Why do women need community and place to belong?

Because we have a role and a place. I believe that every one of us desires to live with purpose and intention, to make a difference in the world for the better, and not to feel as though our lives are being wasted. We were not created for nothing. God has determined the times and places where man should live, and we have a specific sphere of influence to affect for His kingdom. We also need a place where we can love and feel loved- to appreciate the beauty in and champion the identity, qualities, calling, dreams, gifts, favor and successes of others. To be encouraged, supported, and spurred on. Women were uniquely created for connection and community, so when done right, it can be a beautiful place of love, hope, inspiration, safety and effectiveness.

If you could give your 20-year-old self any advice- what would it be?

Oh man.. that’s a loaded question! So.many.things!!! But.. for the purpose of keeping this list short, I’ll just say this (in no particular order):
1) Learn about and LIVE through your true God-given identity
2) Much of life (and especially ministry) isn’t really how you expect it to be, so don’t allow your unmet expectations or disappointments derail you. Hurting people, hurt people. It also doesn’t mean you are failing. Never give up!

3) Stay away from sin. It’s not worth it and the destruction it causes to everything it touches.
4) Even if not returned or rejected, love is NEVER wasted.
5) BALANCE is key. Take care of yourself (physically, emotionally and spiritually) so you can be in it for the long haul. Going 100mph/100% of the time is not healthy or sustainable.
6) Worship is a lifestyle (and goes FAR, FAR beyond a stage).
7) Press in to Jesus.. even MORE than you think you are or ‘need to’.
8) Know (and believe) that you are loved.. simply because you EXIST. (You need not to perform or be perfect for it, deserve it or strive to get it. You won’t lose it and now you can freely give it). 9) Comparison is the thief of joy. Also, do not be so concerned about what others think or are doing. You do what Holy Spirit is asking you to do. Be bold. You have a voice! You matter.
10) Love, appreciate and value the time you have with those you have in your life, for the time you have them.. but also, be prepared to let them go if you need to. True love and friendship is honest and expresses truth in love, even if it’s hard to do or say. Be present in the moments with them, express your love towards them and treat them as if it were your last day or theirs.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I enjoy being creative. I also like shopping, outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, walking, bike rides, etc.). I love sunsets, beaches, mountains, big cities, photography, interior design, learning, laughing, spending time with God, my husband, friends and family, entertaining, games, projects/organizing, resting, encouraging, traveling and my cats 😊


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