Women Crush Wednesday: Keitha Story Stephenson

We are so excited to share with you our interview with Keitha Story-Stephenson! She is the Director of Skyblue Family Ministries and we are obsessed with her because of her deeply compassionate and wise heart for women in leadership, women in the workplace and women in the home. All women! She enjoys humor, the radio, and is a hostess for a program called "Feeding the Family - mind, spirit and body." (www.KDKR.org) 

We hope you enjoy her insight as much as we did!

Tell us about yourself and your heart for women.

My name is Keitha Story-Stephenson PhD. I reside in Paradise, Texas. I am called to live life at it’s fullest and to strive to share that calling with others around me, especially women. I am deeply committed to grow women - mind, body and spirit. 

My educational background includes Bachelor’s in English Literature and Education plus I hold a Master’s in Religious Education and Counseling. My PhD is in Nutritional and Health Sciences. I am an Ordained Minister and National Certified Chaplain.

My career includes owner and therapist of BlueSky Wellness Center, Director of SkyBlue Family Ministry, Owner of LifeLong Learning Center, and owner/instructor of Success School-a home school assistance school. I also produce and maintain a radio broadcast on Christian Talk Radio - syndicated world wide on KDKR.org - Feeding the Family, Mind, Body and Spirit. 

My concern for women is woven in all of my work. I believe women need support and training in learning to develop their authentic voice and how to speak life into the world round them. Often, women find themselves living the life of a second class citizen - in the world around them, their community , even their own families. Encouraging women at all levels of their lives will strengthen the world that we share. We can do this as simply as a word of kindness. We can train and inspire through modeling behavior before others. We can give hope.

Why is it important for every women to feel valued and worthy of love?

I believe the need to feel loved and valued is a universal one. Self-esteem is inspired by the place women discover themselves in relationship. This positional measuring of value becomes the guidepost for human beings. We waste too much time and energy trying to measure up to the standards others place on us - when we fall short, we stop believing in our abilities and dreams. The need for love and value underscores how we live and dream and plan our future. We must know who we are to be who we are.

How do you cultivate a sense of worthiness in your own life?

Worthiness grows out of belief in self. Human beings tend to listen to the strongest and loudest voice. I have discovered in my life that I must look and listen to that voice inside of myself, first. My life is one of faith. I know that my internal voice is my understanding of God’s place in my life. I am worthy because He that lives in me is worthy. 

If you could give your 20 year old self any advice - what would it be?

It would be a couple of favorite phrases of my father. “Work as hard as you play, play as hard as you work!”. The second was, “Never take yourself too seriously.”

Both of these help keep me grounded and clear my mind. They remind me of the most important aspects of life.

I would also tell myself, “There is greatness in you girl. Listen to the voice inside. Don’t wait for permission.” 

How do you enjoy spending your free time when you have some?

I firmly believe that I require free time to rest and recover. Everyone does! We are no good to anyone when we exhaust ourselves and deplete our resources. I enjoy reading, painting and photography. These three feed my spirit. They allow me time to create.

Women often cannot see a direction or hear an encouraging word therefore they find themselves locked in a world void of joy and celebration. There is more than this to life. Women should embrace other women and be that voice of encouragement and  inspiration.

For more about Keitha’s work of providing spiritual nutrition: www.skyblueministries.com

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  1. Chris Reid
    January 26, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    Very accomplished! Jean and Ken would be very proud! Always remember….I knew you when…..Love ya!

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