Women Crush Wednesday: Kelly Shilling

At KML we have been looking forward to highlighting this week’s “Women Crush,” She is Kayla’s aunt, Monica’s sister and Lorene’s daughter.

Known as the official “photographer” of our family and KML Ministries, her real gift is making others who have been emotionally wounded, feel safe, heard and loved.  She has a way that makes you feel you will make it through a difficult time and accepts you for where you are at without judgement. 

If you want a hug or advice, she is your “go to.” 

Tell KML about yourself and your heart for women?  

I have four incredible children (one by marriage serving our great country) and a husband of 25 years who I adore!! On a professional level, I am an Office Manager for a Dental Office and in my spare time I am a Photographer. On a ministry level, I worked as a Youth Pastor and a youth leader for almost 16 years and I currently work with the children's program in our church. 

My heart for women is vast. I long for women to see themselves as God created them and who He says we are. That is one of the reasons I love to take pictures. Every once in awhile I get to capture this moment where the women is truly herself... beautiful, whole, loved and perfectly imperfect. When God looks at me, he doesn't see even one of my flaws. He doesn't tear me apart, but holds me together. We as women are all too quick to tear ourselves apart by our words, our actions, and our sometimes skewed beliefs. My goal is to help change this fact by speaking truth, life and love over them.


Why is it important for every women to feel valued and worthy of love?

 I believe this is very simple...because we are!!  If we could see ourselves as God sees us, then we would understand how valuable and loved we truly are. God, because He loved, gave a women the most important job there ever was, which was to bring life into this world so in turn we could have eternal, abundant, life in Jesus. Wow! I believe if we could truly grasp this, then everything would change. There would be no feelings of being disposable, condemned, guilty, depressed, anxious, have self loathing, cutting, suicide, etc...

How do you cultivate a sense of worthiness and value in your own life?

 I CHOOSE not to believe the lies and CHOOSE to embrace the kind words that God and others speak to me. I believe that women tend to get compliments and we brush them off by making some excuse as to why it isn't true instead of just taking hold of it and saying "thank you!"  I also take every thought captive. We usually take this verse as only regarding our 'bad" thoughts. But... we also need to take the good ones captive and apply them, as well as speak them over ourselves until they are the only thoughts we believe. 

2 Corinthians 10:5: “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive very thought to make it obedient to Christ.”


Why do women need community and a place to belong? 

It gives the deep need we have for connection... "it is not good that man should be alone." Isolation is exactly where the enemy wants us.  We all need a place to let our guards down, to be real.  I believe we need to be careful though who our friends are and who we let into our circle, while at the same time allowing the opportunity to create relationships that are trustworthy. Believing that other people have our best intentions at heart until proven otherwise. Jesus loved and befriended everyone, but even He had a smaller circle of 12 friends that were His “tribe." Be wise.

If you could give your 20 year old self any advice - what would it be?  

Listen to your Mother, she is right!


How do you enjoy spending your free time? 

I love taking pictures, hanging out with my great friends, hiking, biking, "glamping", fishing, watching television (I don't have to think that way!) 

And… spending time with my amazing family.

You may find more about Kelly’s photography business on Facebook:  forever captured photography/kelly shilling


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